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The Dresscode: Fun Knits (Nov 2023)

From one fashion fanatic to the next.

Here’s this month’s scoop:

Think intricate patterns. Vibrant Colors. I’ll even go as far as saying Kidsuper-esque. We already established last month that the colder seasons have settled upon us- so that means our clothing choices must reflect the temperature. When we think of the Autumn months, we envision masterful layering, experimenting with proportions, and most importantly knits.

Knits are universal; there is quite literally a knit type for everyone- whether you’re someone with an avid interest in fashion and trends, or you’re simply trying to suit up during colder climates. If you’re the former, then this pretty much goes without saying: this month's IT trend is for you. If you’re the latter, then I have a little secret for you: this month’s IT trend can very well be for you too.

During these colder months, we mustn’t forget about our good friends- the colors of the rainbow. It’s easy to stick to the basic neutrals and throw on a cozy sweater because comfort takes priority- but we’re not basic, nor are we boring so let’s cut to the chase. How do we stay on trend, keep ourselves warm, and still incorporate something classic? Oh, I know this one- call on me!

We wear a little something called fun knits.

Now another question proposes itself- what exactly is a fun knit? Well lucky for you, I think I know the answer to this one too (aren’t I all kinds of wonderful).

A fun knit is a slight elevation of the classic everyday, go-to sweater. It’s either colored, has somewhat of a creative pattern (navy and white stripes don’t count), or has a bit of a wow factor that makes it special.

A personal favorite that falls under the fun knit category is the graphic sweater. She’s playful. She’s youthful. She most certainly does not take life too seriously. She’s, to put it blatantly, everything I want to be.

Let’s break down some more ways to incorporate a fun knit into your fall/ winter wardrobe.

A cherry red sweater, a stark black mini skirt, stockings, and a loafer- the coolest kid on the block

A detailed sweater dress, sleek sunglasses, and some tall boots- put together & polished (she’s also a double whammy- shoutout October 2023)

A knit cardigan with matching pants, and some sneakers- laidback & lax (for extra credit throw your hair up in a bun and carry around a tote bag)

A zip up knit with your favorite baggy jeans, and of course a dainty ballet flat. (I am particularly in favor of the Reformation Mary Janes, but any will do)- feminine & grungy

If I didn’t fully convince you on the wonderful world of fun knits then I, the overachiever that I am, have another suggestion.

We can’t all dive head-first into each and every trend, but what we can do is remember the devil is in the details. So let’s start small- we can include a patterned scarf into our otherwise plain ensemble, or we can throw on a bright beanie to spice things up. I’ve said it once and I’ll probably say it a few hundred more times in my lifetime: accessories are your best friend. Not me. Not your sister. Not the girl you knew since 2nd grade. Accessories.

As usual, if you’d like to dress the trend we linked some pieces for you to check out. (Go to the knits tab, and click on the pictures to be taken directly to their website.)

See you next month ;)

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