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The Dresscode: Stargirl (Dec 2023 2.0)

In good holiday spirit, we, The Dresscode team, decided to give you all a little something special. It would be somewhat selfish of us to give you only one trend during this holiday season- mind you, we adore the bow, this is not a knock at her abilities, on any ordinary month she would suffice. Scratch that- she does suffice, she is MORE than enough- we’re just feeling a little extra generous (don’t get used to this). So with that said, we are interrupting regular programming for our very first flash trend. Count your blessings because this is most certainly out of the ordinary. It’s time for the New Year's takedown. 

From one fashion fanatic to the next.

Here’s this week's scoop:

Think Glitzy Glam. New Money Rich. I’ll even go as far as saying Paco Rabanne-esque. Well, well, well- you thought we would let you fend for yourselves this upcoming New Year's? The answer is absolutely not- we care too much about the fashion community to let you all dress yourselves on this festive holiday. Some people partake in wearing white on New Year's because it is a sign of luck and purity- to those some people I would say check out September’s 2023 Dresscode- we support winter whites to the utmost and trust your choices (we should probably consider wearing white after the year we had- we’ll take all the luck we can get). 

The thing about New Year's is we always know what to expect in the fashion realm (we love a dependable and consistent holiday). She’s the free spirit of holidays, she’s too fun for OUR own good, and she is the self-proclaimed “life of the party”. Now with all that said, it would be somewhat of a crime to dull her sparkle - or to not fully let her shine. To avoid that at all costs, we must dress the part. Dressing the part is relatively simple during this time of year- typically speaking every New Year's outfit has one of these three things: sequins, glitter, and our favorite- metallics. You know the saying “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”? That is our mantra for this upcoming holiday. We introduce to you December 2023 Dresscode 2.0: Stargirl. 

Are we saying anything revolutionary? No. We never claimed that we invented this style for New Year's. Our job is to make sure that you don’t take it one step too far. Sequins can very easily go from tasteful to tacky. Sparkles can very easily go from cheerful to cheesy. Metallics can very easily go from audacious to aluminum foil. 

Let’s break down some looks so you can be a true Stargirl:

A plain bodysuit (preferably long sleeve turtleneck), a micro metallic mini skirt, pointy-toed heels, and a silver clutch- model on duty

A sequined mini dress (tread with caution- make sure the sequins look expensive), strappy heels, and a dainty handbag- feeling festive

A shimmery bandeau, an oversized blazer, tailored trousers- business not so casual 

In classic Dresscode spirit we wish you a happy New Year- this year you’ll be blessed with good style and an even better wardrobe to back it up.

I’ll see you next week for our January drop ;)

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