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The Dresscode: Butter Yellow (July 2024)

From one fashion fanatic to the next.

Here’s this month’s Dresscode:

Think coastal sunshine. Muted pastels. I’ll even go as far as saying Bottega Veneta-esque. Before we delve head first into July 2024’s Dresscode, congratulations are in order. A certain photographer may have gotten married last month, she may have changed her last name to Fallas, and she most certainly (not maybe) was the most chic bride there ever was. If you lack a little something called common sense, I’ll spell it out for you- the bride which I’m referring to is our special Rina. (Shoutout Marc, the first official Mr. Dresscode).

Now that we got my obligatory felicitations out of the way, we have some major fashion news to discuss. If you’re an avid Dresscode reader, you know there’s a specific type of Dresscode that I’m particularly partial to. If you’re not an avid Dresscode reader, (that’s a shame and a loss on your end) I’ll give you a little refresh as a one-time favor (count both your blessings and your lucky stars- favors are not something I offer so freely).

Anyway, back to my original point I absolutely love when the Dresscode is a color. Back in March I mentioned that naturally fashion chooses an IT color, it’s something we can always rely on and it’s something the fashion community has absolutely no say in, it sort of just happens.

I already revealed (not explicitly) that the Dresscode is in fact a color; I’m also revealing the color I’m alluding to is not red, white, or blue. Although we love the Fourth of July she is most certainly not dictating what we’re wearing for the rest of the month. Instead a very soft almost muted color has been the color of the season. I would say she’s a ball of sunshine but I don’t think that quite captures her essence. She’s a bit more quiet than your average sunshine girl however, I wouldn’t exactly describe her as an introvert (maybe an introverted extrovert?) I guess what I’m trying to say is that our it girl is truly in a league of her own. Her characteristics are distinct but she will never beg for your attention. July 2024 presents you with Butter Yellow.

Contrary to popular belief, Butter Yellow is an approachable color- I wouldn’t classify her as a neutral, but I would say she’s close to it. Your typical yellow is brighter and a bit more eye-catching, whereas Butter Yellow has a certain subtly to her that can’t be taught. She is saturated enough to add dimension to a look but again she’s calm enough to be one with the neutrals.

Now let’s break down some ways to incorporate Butter Yellow into our summer wardrobes.

A white tank, yellow and white striped pants, platform flipflops, bucket hat- coastal granddaughter

A yellow mini dress, kitten heels, slick back bun- chic and sleek

A plain tee, yellow shorts, white sneakers, simple sunnies- a pop of subtle color

A poplin yellow shirt, white jeans, ballet flats, fun rings- effortlessly cool.

As always we linked some pieces for you to shop the trend. (Go to the Butter Yellow tab and click on the images to be redirected to their website)

We'll see you next month ;)

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