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The Dresscode: Elevated Sportswear (May 2024)

From one fashion fanatic to the next.

Here’s this month’s scoop:

Think country club chic. Preppy athleisure. I’ll even go as far as saying Sporty & Rich-esque. 

I know back in December I deemed it the best month of the year, I’m going to have to redact that statement and instead place December as a close second to May. If I were to begin creating a pros and cons list about this blooming month, I would be left with 0 cons. (No, I am not being dramatic for emphasis- I truly could not think of one). The pros on the other hand, I don’t think an empty notebook would give me enough space to write about them (Here, I am, admittedly, being dramatic for emphasis.) For the sake of this blog post, I’ll list just a few:

1. The weather 

2. The fashion 

3. Anticipation for summer

4. Did I mention the weather? 

5. Nature in full bloom 

6. And last, but most certainly not least- a very special someone was born almost 23 years ago on May 12th. By special someone, I do of course mean me, myself, and I. (In my almost 23 years on the planet I have not yet mastered the art of being subtle. Or humility. Maybe I’ll have those skills under my belt before my 24th.) Anyway, enough about me- let’s dive into what we’re all going to be “sporting” this month. 

Athleisure has been a trend for quite some time now. Athletic clothing meets everyday style has been a very prominent and consistent character in the world of fashion and reasonably so. Athleisure came to a slight fork in the road this year: to stay the same and remain a creature of habit or to elevate itself and become more fashion-forward. If it chose the former there would be no need for this blog post. It chose the latter. Preppy sportswear has been the object of every brands’ affection and is very well becoming fashion's next-it girl. May 2024 presents to you: elevated sportswear.

A while back I explained the influence the Barbie movie had on fashion- Barbie pink was quite literally the only color I saw for a good two months. I would say the Challengers movie and press tour are mirroring the effects of Barbie. Zendaya, styled by Law Roach, has quite literally made the world her runway, with all her tennis-inspired looks at each and every premiere. Happens to be that chic sportswear was already creeping into the fashion world before Zendaya gave us all a run for our money, but she surely has helped this cause. 

Now let’s discuss some ways for you to incorporate elevated sportswear into your wardrobe:

A pleated skirt, a crisp polo, and a baseball cap- golf wife

A tennis dress, sporty sunglasses, and sleek sneakers- here to observe, not play

A preppy sweatshirt, nylon skirt, and tennis shoes- comfy chic

A cardigan, basketball shorts, and a headband- masc meets femme

As always we linked pieces for you to shop the trend. (Go to the sportswear tab and click on the images to be redirected to their website)

We’ll see you next month ;)

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