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The Dresscode: White (Sep 2023)

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

From one fashion fanatic to the next. Here’s this month’s scoop:

Think rich Hampton’s mom. Old money rich. I’ll even go as far as to say Sofia Richie-esque. Collared shirts, linen pants, and, simply put, neutrality are what will be following us into fall. The ever-changing world of fashion has entered its minimalist era- yes we can label this category as "less is more" or even "simple chic", but those are just guidelines and philosophies that can follow us from trend to trend and from one fashion era to the next. With all that said, there is one underlying constant that has been taking the fashion world by storm (and will continue to do so): our achromatic friend white is no longer a side character shying away in the background; SHE is the main event, she’s front and center, and you can quote me—she's not going anywhere. I guess you can argue and say that colors like white and black are never out of trend, nor are they specifically in trend. They’re "basics"--- a black blazer, a white tee, a black bodysuit, a white button-up—these are the types of pieces you buy when building your closet—the staples that you can essentially rinse and repeat for the next day and be the foundation of your look. I’ll argue back by saying the foundation is currently the trend—the foundation is the fashion-forward statement. But even more than that, looking fresh and clean mixed with a sense of simplicity is what the fashion girlies are consistently striving for. What color epitomizes freshness better than white? I bet you can’t think of one. (I couldn’t either.) If I haven’t already painted a picture, I guess now would be an appropriate time to start.

Structured white or off-white blazers with matching suit pants--- office chic Whimsical & effortless white or ivory dresses—beachy clean White poplin button-down, jeans, and a kitten heel—ready for dinner A linen set, a pair of sandals, and chic sunnies—a summer special An ivory vest with matching flowy pants—from A.M. to P.M. A cream sweater with trousers—cool and corporate

A white tank, a cute mini skirt, and sneakers --- chill & sporty Now I’ll leave you with this: Although this is controversial, white CAN be worn after Labor Day. There is a difference between our summer whites and our fall whites. One of them is fresh and playful, whereas the other is chic and sleek (brownie points for rhyming). I'll see you next month ;)

Until then we linked some white pieces you may or may not want to add to your wardrobe.

Check out the "White" tab.


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