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The Dresscode: Blue (March 2024)

From one fashion fanatic to the next.

Here’s this month’s Dresscode:

Think Tiffany and Co. Aquamarine core. I’ll even go as far as saying La Pointe-esque. Something to note is that fashion is always looking for an IT color. Just like we allow nature to take its course, we do the same with fashion-  we let the IT color find us. Red has graced us with her presence these past months and in no way, shape, or form am I insinuating that red is no longer in style- she very much so is still out and about and doing her thing. Prior to red, we had Barbie pink (nature was disrupted slightly here- the Barbie movie did influence our fashion choices whether we’d like to accept it or not). A little before that neutrals were all the rage, particularly brown. So a question proposes itself- what is the next “it color” in the fashion space? Typically speaking the Pantone color of the year foreshadows what color is going to be all the rage. This is a PSA saying we respectfully reject the Pantone color of the year (if you’re into peach then we’re also not so respectfully judging you) and have made plans of our own. 

Well back to my original claim, they’re not necessarily “plans of our own” given that she chose us, but the point is made nonetheless. We love a color thats confidence is almost too much to handle. We love a color that demands your attention just by being present. We love a color that doubles as both “royal” and playful - (see what I did there with the quotation marks?) 

Although she is regal by default, she’s not one to stay cooped up in her castle- instead, she deems herself one with the fashion girlies and has been counting down the seconds until March 1st. It’s a true honor to introduce the Duchesse of March 2024: Blue.

Blue is probably the most universally loved color- and reasonably so. You can either opt for a soft light blue, a blaring cobalt blue, or something that lies in the middle (specifically that blue with greyish undertones that somehow works as a neutral.) 

Another point that is most certainly noteworthy is blue looks good on everyone. No matter what you’re coloring is blue WILL enhance your features- she’s not particularly a fan of washing people out and we truly commend her for that. Although blue does her due diligence, it’s up to you to find the exact shade of blue that suits you best (only if you want compliments galore of course). 

What we love about having a color as the Dresscode is how versatile it is. Some peoples’ style is a bit more reserved and they prefer not to tackle each and every trend with full force (it’s not us but we understand that mentality- I’ll even say we respect it). That’s why a color leaves room to participate as little or as much as one chooses to. Subtle blue moments will not go unnoticed and can give you the little extra flair you’re looking for (again without being pushed too much out of your comfort zone.)

Now that we discussed why blue is superior, it’s time to see how blue could and should be implemented into your March wardrobe. 

A royal blue cardigan, a t-shirt, jeans, sneakers with a hint of blue- she’s that girl 

A navy blue turtleneck, a navy blue mini skirt, pointy-toed heels- places to be, things to do

A chambray sweater dress, chunky boots, a cutesy shoulder bag- her world & we’re all just living in it 

A Midnight blue suit, sleek sunglasses, kitten heel- entrepreneur but make it chic

Of course, there are endless ways to incorporate this well-rounded color so feel free to do exactly that and send us a picture.

As always we linked some pieces for you to shop the trend. (Go to the blue tab and click on the pictures to be redirected to their website.)

We’ll see you next month ;)

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