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The Dresscode: Chunky Jewelry (Apr 2024)

From one fashion fanatic to the next.

Here’s this month’s scoop:

Think bold chrome. Gold accents. I’ll even go as far as saying Coastal Caviar-esque. Spring has officially sprung and we’re in all of our cherry blossom glory. As each new season passes by, our wardrobe must undergo the correct changes to match whatever energy the given season exudes. For us, spring is about lighter fabrics, soft color palettes, and versatile layering options to adapt to the change in temperature. With all that said, we’re not so much focused on the actual clothing being worn during this budding season- we shifted gears and have our sight set on something a bit different (just as important tho).

The final touches are sometimes the main attraction. The last-minute details are sometimes the star of the show. The accessories you wear ALWAYS hold weight. This April 2024 is centered around one particular accessory that has the power to turn you into the ultimate IT girl. If I was in a morbid mood I may have titled this “The Death of Dainty” but truth be told I don’t really think dainty ever goes out of style- she’s a constant. I’m unsure why the analogy that comes to mind is Newton's law of gravity but that’s what I’m equating dainty to. Always there. Always prevalent. (Although sometimes a bit boring). 

If you’re inept at putting two and two together I’m presuming you have not yet picked up on our trend of the month so let me spell it out for you: chunky jewelry. 

The cool girls are letting their jewelry do the talking and letting their clothing be the background noise. ( Background noise sounds a bit offensive maybe we’ll say background dancers instead). We’re talking statement cuffs, oversized necklaces, and somewhat invasive earrings- all of these pieces should and will be front and center this month. This stems from a minimalistic standpoint- wearing basic pieces and jazzing them up with some decoration (aka jewelry) is in fact all the rage. And we cheers to that.

Anyways here are some ways to incorporate fun jewelry into your wardrobe:

A white tank, medium-washed jeans, baseball cap, white gold arm cuff- model off-duty 

A strapless mini dress, tall boots, an intricate choker- model on duty

A light sweater, trousers, a messy bun, fun hoops- serious but not

A flowy dress, light jacket, colorful jewels- one with nature 

As always we linked some pieces on our website so you can shop the trend. (Go to the jewelry tab and click on the images to be redirected to their website)

We’ll see you next month ;)

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