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The Dresscode: Leopard (Feb 2024)

From one fashion fanatic to the next.

Here’s this month’s scoop:

Think rockstar girlfriend. Avril Lavigne circa 2007. I’ll even go as far as saying Roberto Cavalli-esque. Truth be told, I was waiting for this era of fashion to resurface. A conversation Rina and I often have is that fashion is a cycle- certain trends reemerge after a few years, some trends are fads that we say goodbye to almost as quickly as we welcomed them, and some trends never fully go out of style but they most certainly have moments when they shine a little brighter than usual. Just to disclaim- we do not think that the “clean girl aesthetic” is out of style. You will very much so catch us in our squeaky clean slick backs and minimal makeup looks- what I will say is that we are broadening our horizons and embodying the quintessential “mob wife”.  We introduced the concept of a mob wife last month with furs, but unfortunately, we did not fully explain what that entails. 

A mob wife embraces the glamorous and ostentatious style of fashion. You’ll see blinged-out jewelry, luxurious fur coats (shout-out January 2024), and our favorite and newest it girl: leopard print. 

As a matter of fact, I’ve always been a leopard girl. In my always humble and usually correct opinion, leopard is a neutral- I may even dare to say it’s timeless. Something about leopard is rich looking and although prints are personal, I think leopard is the exception to the rule. The beauty of leopard is that she never demands to be the star of the show, it just sort of happens every single time she takes the stage. Leopard has a confidence that never wavers and to be completely and frankly honest she scares me sometimes- I can’t quite fathom her stage presence, but that’s the least of our concerns. 

Let’s break down some potential leopard moments for this upcoming month: 

A black tailored mini dress, a fur coat (sorry we still can’t get enough), and leopard pumps- If the shoe fits 

A turtleneck sweater, straight-leg jeans, sleek sunglasses, and a leopard trench coat- stay-at-home daughter 

A leopard gown, black satin gloves, a minimal clutch- THE wedding guest

A structured blazer, a classic mini skirt, tall boots, and a leopard bag (extra points if it’s the Alaia heart bag)- fashion fanatic 

Before we end off I deemed it appropriate to mention THE most iconic leopard moment that has ever graced this earth: 

In 1962 Jackie Kennedy wore a coat made of real leopard pelts designed by Oleg Cassini to her engagement party to JFK (lowkey my celeb crush). 

 When Jackie says jump, the fashion community says how high- this is no exception.

As always we linked some pieces for you to shop the trend (go to the leopard tab and click on the images to be redirected to their website).

We’ll see you next month ;)

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