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The Dresscode: Fur (Jan 2024)

From one fashion fanatic to the next.

Here’s this month’s scoop:

Think old Hollywood. Aspen Chic. I’ll even go as far as saying Karl Lagerfeld-esque. If you’re reading this, I can assume you successfully survived another year around the sun. Regardless of how you spent the New Year, it’s time to discuss your plans for the rest of the month and the other 11 following it… 

As the good samaritan that I am, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and offer some good New Year’s resolutions:

  1. You should read more- Reading is most certainly for the cool kids- especially if it comes in the form of a fashion blog ;) On a serious note- reading does enhance both your knowledge and vocabulary- bookmarking may just change your life.

  2. Learn to take advice- Loosen up a bit. Sometimes your opinions are wrong (If you’re thinking that an opinion can not technically be wrong- please refer back to where I said “loosen up a bit”). It’s okay to not only take but actively seek advice- half the battle of being fashion forward is listening to what other (more resourceful) people have to say. 

  3. Confidence is key - The real do-all or end-all in the fashion realm. We love to joke around, but truth be told if you’re not feeling sure of yourself- odds are it’s detectable. You can very likely be wearing the newest couture piece to hit the market and not feel entirely self-assured. You have two options at this point- you can either own it and feed yourself kind words, or you can take the outfit off and opt for something that feels more signature to you (we absolutely do not frown upon option B- we commend being able to problem solve and accept that fashion is subjective.)

Now that my community service is out of the way, it’s time to cut to the chase. We are in our glamorous era- looking expensive and unattainable is all the rage (Please note that I wrote looking expensive- meaning the price tag is not an indication of how chic you look). I would not necessarily categorize our it girl as outerwear- but she is closely associated with it. Winter is the queen bee of the seasons if you ask me (here is an example of a correct opinion- you’re welcome). She is the Ice Queen. She has high standards. She is unapologetically herself. So what better way to welcome Mrs. Frosty than an It girl who is equally as alluring as she is captivating? It’s time to queue the white carpet and officially pass on the crown. January 2024 has style like no other and she was not settling for anything less than stellar (we fought with her for a bit until she agreed on something that was “up to par with how luxe she is” (her words not mine)).  We introduce to you January 2024’s trend in all her glory: Fur. 

Now if you want to argue with us, as every proper hater would, and say that fur quite literally has never gone out of style- do it. I dare you. You must think so low of us to assume we don’t have a rebuttal. Yes, every year fur does have a cute little moment where she makes an appearance, has a couple of drinks, and then politely thanks the host for having her. Although fur was never irrelevant, we would categorize her more as “not irrelevant” than we would as relevant. She has crept up on us and has become the main attraction. Colored furs. Printed furs. Fur accessories. You name it- she is doing it (she’s an overachiever- what do you want us to say). 

Without further ado let’s break down some looks to incorporate into your winter wardrobe:

Straight-leg jeans, black sweater, colored sunglasses, and a chocolate brown fur vest- coffee run, but make it chic

A cocktail dress, exaggerated earrings, pointy toes pumps, a long fur coat- straight out of Gossip Girl

A crisp oxford button down, tailored trousers, sleek updo, printed fur coat- a pop of pattern

A plain turtleneck, classic mini skirt, sheer tights, trench coat, and fur gloves- details, details, details

As always we linked pieces for you to shop the trend (go to the furs tab & click on the images to be directed to their website).

We’ll see you next month - 2024 is your year, we feel it :)

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