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The Dresscode: Statement Boots (Oct 2023)

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

From one fashion fanatic to the next.

Here’s this month’s scoop:

Think elevated western. Edgy knee highs. I’ll even go as far as saying Paris Texas-esque. Fall is officially upon us- and that means it’s time to say goodbye to our easy, breezy summer clothes and hello to our structured silhouettes and warm knits. Fall has many trends waiting to be worn by the fashion frenzied, and we’re just scratching the surface. Remember that comfort and fashion-forward are NOT mutually exclusive; the fall is the optimal example of that clause.

Although countless trends are circulating the fashion community, it can be easy to stick to the status quo during this leafy season- to wear a basic cardigan and effortless pants, to throw on a simple turtleneck and a timeless mini skirt. Yes, these types of looks are very much so fall-appropriate; you can even argue that they are somewhat current, but would you argue that they are pushing the envelope? Would you say that they exited the elemental realm? I’m going to take a wild guess and say probably not.

Luckily, your footwear is just as important as your clothing- so we’re not advising that you completely abandon the fall basics; we’re suggesting that you think long and hard about your shoe choices. Scratch that-you don’t have to think long and hard- we did that for you (you’re welcome). October is about capitalizing on the fall basics while adding a modern flair- so what exactly is the contemporary flair we’re alluding to? Well, if you couldn’t figure it out already, it’s Statement Boots.

Now, before we delve deeper into the power of said boot, we want to clarify precisely what a statement boot is. By (our) definition, a statement boot is the “eyesore” of your outfit. It essentially gives your look a wow factor, a little more dimension, and a pop of pattern. This does not mean any knee-high boot falls under this category or any chunky boot falls under this category. A neutral boot will not do the trick if you’re aiming for color to be the statement. A block heel will not do the trick if you’re aiming for an unconventional heel. Suede will not do the trick if you’re aiming for an unusual texture.

Now that we got what won’t do the trick out of the way- it’s time to get to business:

Bold colors such as cherry red and moody burgundy are perfect for a slouchy knee-high.

Classic denim or intricate hardware is perfect for a playful, polished mid-calf boot.

A tasteful pattern (emphasis on tasteful) or an odd (not too much emphasis on odd) shaped heel is the perfect addition to a monochromatic look.

A statement boot allows the fall neutrals to have their moment while allowing YOU to have yours. It’s crucial to understand that our footwear is not an afterthought and very well can be the basis of a look- that in itself will do you wonders. The most minor details often make the most significant differences, so take this as a lesson: make your shoes count; they’ll never let you down.

So yes, boots were definitely made for walking, but in our case, they’re made for talking, too.

As always, we linked some boots you may or may not want to add to your fall lineup. Check them out under the Boots tab.

We’ll see you next month ;)

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